Kathy Howard Portrait Raleigh Cary NC Photography Studio

Celebrate Love

Celebrating the relationships you cherish the most with beautiful portraits to last a lifetime!

Kathy Howard Portrait Raleigh Cary NC Photography Studio
Kathy Howard Portrait Raleigh Cary NC Photography Studio

A project to connect you with the ones you Love the Most and elevate your love for each other through beautiful portraits

Join Me and Let’s CELEBRATE Your Special Connections!

Book your session by Valentine’s Day, 

and receive a complimentary desktop portrait 

Includes a beautifully packaged gift voucher, ready for gifting to the one you love the most.


(Portrait session dates available through June 2024)

When was the last time you were photographed with your partner, daughters, mother, the ones you love the most in this world?

Time is fleeting, exist in portraits now!

Special Promotional Session Fee: $399

Value $850

What does the Celebrate Love promotional project include?

Pre- Session Style & Wardrobe Consultation
In person & in-depth to discuss how you want to be photographed & full guidance on what to wear.  You will also have full access to studio wardrobe.

Professional Hair & Make Up
Let us pamper you and take all of your worries away!  Beautiful and natural makeup to compliment your style & taste.  

Fully Guided Portrait Session
You will be fully guided with expert posing every moment of your session, from your nose to your toes, we’ve got you!

Combo Session 
Need a new headshot, or a self care morning just for you?  You CAN have it all!  Experience the pampering of pro hair & make up, sip bubbly, relax.  Have your loved one(s) join you at the end of your session for portraits together. 

Kathy Howard Portrait Raleigh Cary NC Photography Studio Family Photographer

Champagne or Seltzer raise a toast to your loving connection!  A wonderful day of fun, laughter & joy,  your connection will grow even stronger 🙂

8×10 Matted Desktop Print
Plus matching web resolutions digital file

In-Person Image Reveal Session
You’ll be invited back for your Reveal session approx. 2 weeks after your photo shoot. During the Reveal  I will present to you your beautiful portraits and you will have the opportunity to buy any portrait or collection of your choice. Portraits start at $400 and folio collections start at $2800.  We also offer legacy wall art expertly created in Italy, a true show stopper for your home decor.

What you purchase is entirely up to you.  Only purchase what you love and cannot live without. 

Kathy Howard Portrait Raleigh Cary NC Photography Studio Family Photographer

Why celebrate love? Why now?

Somehow my husband Shannon & I blinked, and just celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary!  The last time we were professionally photographed was our wedding.  

Last October we decided it was time to be photographed.  Ya know, it was kind of like therapy!  Wrapping our arms around each other, laughing …  believe it or not, my husband enjoyed it too.  

I can’t begin to tell you how meaningful it is to have this portrait of the two of us.  As a reminder of years gone by and years to come.  Celebrating our love that has endured 3 decade.   I can’t tell you how lucky we both feel to still be together and to be happy.  And now I have a physical reminder of that as well. 

Time IS fleeting.  Existing IN portraits with the ones you love the most is so important, not just for yourself, but for future generations. 

It makes me smile to think that one day my children will have this beautiful photo of us to remember our love.

Raleigh Cary NC Portrait Photography Studio Kathy Howard Portrait Family

Now Booking!

I invite you to an elevated photoshoot experience & celebration of love.

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