In studio 40OVER40 portrait.

40 Over 40

Celebrating the Strength, Beauty & Wisdom of Women Over 40

In studio portrait. A woman in a mid-length rose gold glitter dress is posing lengthwise on a white feather blanket on the floor, set against a white background.
In studio portrait. A woman in a green blouse is leaning against a white table top, posed against a white background.

A Project that is Transforming the Way Women Over 40 Show up and Feel in Their Own Skin

I am photographing 40 women over 40 in 2023, and I would love for you to be one of them!

It’s time to stand in your own power with body-positivity, strength & courage.

Kathy Howard

Special Promotional Session Fee: $399

Value $850

What does the 40 Over 40 promotional package include?

Pre- Session Style & Wardrobe Consultation
In person & in-depth to discuss how you want to be photographed & what you will wear.

You will have the opportunity to try on studio wardrobe and mix & match with anything you’d like to bring from home.

I want you to feel confident with your wardrobe choices and enjoy a stress-free photo shoot day of pampering!

Professional Hair & Make Up
Sit back, relax and let us pamper you.

From natural to glam or sexy, or a bit of everything… You will feel amazing!

Fully Guided Portrait Session
With 5-6 outfits, I will pose you EVERY moment, I’ve got you!

I’ll be directing & posing you every step of the way so you won’t need to worry about a thing.

In studio portrait. Blond woman in red lipstick is wearing a black blazer and is posed against a black background. She is looking off camera to her right.

Personal Interview
So you can inspire others with your story & your insight. Your photos and or video will be published on social media.

In-Person Image Reveal Session
You’ll be invited back for your Reveal session approx. 2 weeks after your photo shoot. During the Reveal  I will present to you your stunning portraits and you will have the opportunity to buy any portrait or collection of your choice. Portraits start at $400 and folio collections start at $2400. 

What you purchase is entirely up to you and I will show you all of the beautiful archival quality products available during your wardrobe consultation.

Inclusion in my 40 Over 40 Magazine 
At the end of this project, I’ll select a few of your beautiful portraits to be featured with your story in the 40 over 40 magazine special printed edition. You will receive a complimentary copy of this inspiring magazine.

Membership Private Kathy Howard Portrait Facebook Group
Connect and network with other amazing & inspiring women like you!

In studio portrait. A woman in a red dress is sitting with her legs crossed over one another and her arms crossed over her legs, looking directly at the camera.
In studi portrait. Blond woman posing against a white wall. She is dressed in a green gown.
In studio boudoir portrait. Not your typical boudoir, this portrait is intimate and empowering without being overly sexualized. The woman is wearing a white button down, and is posed sitting cross legged on the floor.
In studio portrait. A woman in a light blue velvet dress is seating on a short white stool, posed against a gray background. She is looking down to her right, off camera.

Why Women Over 40? Why Now?

I began my portrait photography business in my 40’s, and want to create something special for OUR demographic … an age group that deserves to be seen and celebrated!

Let’s SHOW the world, social media, magazines … that women over 40 are powerful, BEAUTIFUL and absolutely brilliant! We can wear ALL the hats, and make it ALL happen!

I want to help you celebrate your life and your story. You deserve to own photographs of yourself that you love, and to be SEEN as the the beautiful woman strong woman that you are.

I am constantly inspired and motivated by my clients who are over 40, and want to share all of the stories that need to be heard. Sharing our stories is not only inspiring, but EMPOWERING. Empowered women empower women!

Portrait of Kathy Howard, Portrait Photographer

Now Booking 2023 Sessions

I invite you to an empowering photoshoot experience & celebration of women 40+

Fill out the form below with as much detail as possible. I will be in touch soon.
In studio portrait. A woman in a glam orange dress with fringe, whose hair is blowing back behind her, is posed with her hand on her hip and looking slightly off camera to her left.
In studio portrait. A woman in a green blouse and jeans is posed against a black background. She has her left hand on her hip and is looking directly at the camera.
In studio portrait. A blonde woman is in a gold sparkling dress posed against a black wall.
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