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Elevate Your Portrait Photography Business with Mentoring Services for Photographers

If I can build my DreamStudio, you can too!

The only thing I love more than photographing my clients is talking to other photographers about photography and business. I am excited to now offer mentoring, in person and on Zoom!

I feel incredibly lucky & grateful that when I started my business in my 40’s, I had amazing mentors who guided me and gave me the courage and push to keep working towards my passion.

I love to share my ups & downs and knowledge of my portrait business. I truly believe in community over competition. I love to see my fellow photographers thrive, and would love to help you thrive in your business too!

Raleigh NC Boudoir Photography Kathy Howard Portrait

Client Testimonial

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One-hour Mentoring Call

I aim to inspire and equip photographers from all walks of life to build successful and thriving businesses through personalized, in-depth mentoring. My comprehensive mentoring sessions, available both in-person and via Zoom, provide invaluable insights, tools, and techniques that will propel you forward in the competitive world of photography.

In a mentoring session, you’ll receive:

  • Access to a seasoned professional photographer with a thriving portrait business
  • Tailored advice for your unique photography journey and industry challenges
  • Guidance on cultivating your creative style and business strategy
  • Practical tips and techniques for managing and enhancing your photography business

I look forward to sharing my own business path, struggles and wins, to help you succeed and live your dream job too!

Raleigh Cary NC Photography Studio Kathy Howard Portrait

Portfolio-Building Photo Shoot

Let me photograph YOU! You will go through the entire empowering portrait experience. Not only will you learn in real-time all of the ins and outs along the way, but you will also feel exactly what your potential clients are feeling, enabling you to elevate your client experience to the next level.

You will not only end up with incredible insight & knowledge about how my thriving portrait business works, but you will have a folio of images to use on your own website and social media!

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