Discover the Art of You

Bring Your Transformation to Life with Stunning Wall Art

You’ve trusted me to capture your essence and true beauty – but the transformative experience doesn’t end there. Preserve your breathtaking moments with our custom Wall Art that not only elevates your space but serves as a daily reminder of your incredible journey.

The variety of exclusive packages are meticulously crafted to suit your every need, ensuring the perfect addition to your home or office. Now is the time to immortalize your story and become the masterpiece you deserve to be.

Transform Your Space, Empower Your Soul

My conviction is simple: your story is powerful and inspiring. I want you to feel a surge of pride and empowerment every time you glimpse your wall art, igniting a burning desire to continue making strides in life. Each time you look at your masterpiece, you’ll be filled with unparalleled joy, remembering the amazing journey you undertook with us. Let your story whisper in your ear, “Yes, I can do anything”

In studio headshot.
A behind-the-scenes photo of Kathy Howard, portrait photographer, capturing a model in a green dress with her camera.
In studio portrait of a woman in an elegant blue dress, posed against a white background, looking down off camera.

Client Testimonial

Woman in a red top and animal print pants posing at Kathy Howard's photography studio in Cary, North Carolina.
"Kathy is an amazing photographer!"

“She helped me select outfits a few weeks before the photo shoot and made me feel comfortable and beautiful. I haven’t had professional photos taken since my wedding, and these made me so happy!

If you are looking for a professional photographer for a special occasion or just because, definitely choose Kathy!”


Unparalleled Service and Quality: A Timeless Investment

Bring Your Transformation to Life with Stunning Wall Art

Investing in wall art isn’t just about creating a beautiful space; it’s about expressing your story to the world in the most divine manner possible. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures a stunning, heirloom-quality piece that will captivate future generations. When you choose Kathy Howard Portrait, you’re not just commissioning art – you’re securing a piece of family history, destined to be cherished for generations.

Frequently Asked Questions

The high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship ensure that your investment will remain stunning and vibrant for generations to come.

Absolutely! Kathy Howard Portrait offers a variety of frames, styles, and sizes to perfectly complement your space.

To keep your piece pristine, simply dust it gently with a soft cloth and avoid exposure to direct sunlight or humidity.

Your timeless investment is flexible! You can easily relocate, reframe, or resize your wall art to suit your evolving needs and taste.

Don't see the
answer you need?

I'm happy to answer all of your questions -- whether you're ready to hop on a consultation or discuss your needs via email.

The Time is Now: Embrace Your Story, Transform Your Space

Your journey with Kathy Howard Portrait has unveiled your true beauty – now is the moment to display that power and grace for all to see. Choose from our array of unique packages, and let us create a stunning piece of wall art that whispers empowerment and strength into your soul every day.

Book your session today to immortalize your story in a stunning piece of wall art!

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