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I normally don’t share too many images of my own here, as I want to spotlight my clients.  I have decided to change that just a bit (perhaps once or twice a month), as I think it is not only a good way for you to get to know me, but a great way to see what images really make my heart sing!  As my business grows, my own family is subject to my camera less and less.  I don’t want to stop taking their pictures.  I want to have the memories and moments ‘on film’ to treasure, as I know they surely will some day too!

We packed a kayak and a picnic, and headed to a local lake to enjoy a refreshing 65 degree day!  My children surely are at their best when we are outdoors and away from all of the distractions of every day life.  Everyone is happy, which makes me happy.

Whether it’s the expression, the lighting, the composition or just the moment, these are all photos that make me smile.



My youngest.  Still loves to have her photo taken (yay for me!).  So we went on a stroll, just the two of us …


She found this log and wanted to use it as her scene 🙂


I love her because she made me give her the camera, so she could take a photo of me.  I may have bedhead and bags under my eyes, but I LOVE this shot of me

Thanks for reading – hope you liked this post.



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