Simple Lighting Technique Part 1 | Raleigh Portrait Photography

 I realize more and more everyday how much a simple portrait makes me happy, deep down happy.

The portrait that captivates the viewer.  Eyes open to the soul.

 A few weekends ago my husband and son left to camp for the weekend.

Three girls in the house with new lipstick & excitement to have what we called our magazine glamour portrait party.   Lots of laughter, music & chocolate chip cookies!

Front  porch & a cloudy day.

Cloudy days ( in my opinion) produce flat lighting.  I like to try to liven things up by tunneling the light, meaning be in an open yet covered area. The light is coming more directly into the subject, instead of  overhead.

Three pieces of white foam core board, one large & two poster size.  Total cost approx. $10.00.

A. The background

B. Reflector held by subject underneath face

C. Reflector held by me to the LEFT of the face, to brighten her right face side and block any blue color casts from the door.

D. Comfy pajama pants 🙂

The resulting image :

f 3.2   1/320th  ISO800

(slightly different hair-do & collar from behind the scenes photo, but same simple lighting set up)

Notice the catch lights in the bottom of her eye, created by the white foam core she is holding at her waist.


Coming up in part two we will remove one reflector, yet get even brighter catch lights!

And a favorite out take from the weekend, as I was attempting a glorious sisterhood portrait …

I think Cyndi Lauper had it right many years ago … “Girls just wanna have fun”

If you have any questions, leave ’em in the comments & I’ll be sure to answer!



Bloom Skin Spa Head Shots | Cary Raleigh Commercial Head Shot Photography


A few months ago a friend pleaded with me to book a facial with Amber at the Bloom Skin Spa.  She said you’d never have anything so good in your life, and she was right!  My facial was downright amazing.   Turns out this facial led to a friendship and a wonderful job opportunity for me!

I was hired to take images of this booming salon for web updates, as well as head shots of all of the employees.  Don’t yawn just yet!  I believe that every opportunity I have with a client is a unique and special one.  Head shots with me are FAR from boring, as I see it as my goal to capture your personality, even if my lens is only focused on you for a few minutes.

We had a ball at this head shot ‘party’ – an amazing and oh so beautiful group of women!

Enjoy the images …