Simple Lighting Technique Pt.2 | Raleigh Portrait Photography


This post is part two (see part one HERE) of my fun & easy simple lighting set up.  I am so excited to share because it really is so darn easy and produces great results.

Cloudy day.  Part one showed how we were on my covered  (important to acheive this look) front porch with ten dollars worth of foam core board we are using for background and reflectors.


This image we are in same location with same set-up, MINUS the reflector to the right side of her face. I wanted more light/dark contrast for this portrait.

This type of lighting is called split lighting. It splits the face  into equal halves with one side being in the light, and the other in shadow.

I had her look her eyes to the sky to get those gorgeous catch lights …

My youngest assistant was holding a small piece of foam core at the subjects waist

(you can see how the foam core lightened the bottom of her iris a bit).

I really like it in B&W too


Simple & effective.

Part three will show how I moved the set up slightly & gained some wind in the hair without the convenience of electricity!



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