Photo Tips | Use that iPhone!

I am an absolute believer in the phrase , “The best camera you have is the one you have with you!”

I use my iPhone SO much, probably too much.


I got my hair cut in January, and was just so happy with it.  Felt like a million bucks.  So I decided to take a ‘selfie’.

(I also believe it is very important to be IN pictures, whether you want to or not)

No one was home, too lazy to lug out my big girl camera & set up tripod, I grabbed my iPhone and my Gorillapod.


Soft, indirect light is typically the best for women in their 40’s 🙂

So I grabbed my trusty foam core board, propped it with my tripod (ha!) and attached my iPhone to my daughter’s music stand.

(Pardon the mess, post-Christmas tree removal and home music lessons!)


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