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A few weeks ago a fellow photographer friend of mine was looking for an assistant for her newborn twin photo shoot.  Lucky for me, I was available.  I’ve only done one newborn shoot, and it was almost two years ago, so I was ready to get my feet wet again.  Nothing compares to hands on experience!

These two little miracles were so good for us.  They only fussed when they were hungry, and responded well to our patting and shushing 🙂  It took a whole lot of patience to get them to stay in these poses, but was it ever so worth it!

I was hoping for a newborn smile … definitely a favorite image from this year:

This blanket is extra special because their recently passed Grandmother made it for them before they were born:

We played with one while the other was being fed.  Look at how GOOD he is … just staring at me, and dare I say he smiled for me too! (Cute little wrinkly forehead – loved it)

Dashing in this hat, don’t you think?

Many special blankets made for these sugar plums :

I love this last shot because I love to think that throughout their entire lives, they will always have each other.

Hope you enjoyed these as much as I did!



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