Tuesday Photo Tip | Bend Your Knees! (Change Your Perspective)

 This week my tip is to try changing your perspective when you take a picture.  Instead of standing in front of your subject, straight on, change it UP!

Move around your subject.  Stand above or squat low.  Try it out!  See what you get.

I quite often will shoot something from two different angles, not sure which one I will like better until I see on my computer screen.

Example A.

(Please excuse the iPhone 5 photos, but not too shabby for night shots!)

Here I am in front of NC State bell tower after a big win over Carolina this past weekend.


It’s a great snap (thanks honey!) and one that I will enjoy forever.

However, notice the top of the bell tower is chopped off.  No big deal, but look at the difference in my photo of him.

I bent my knees to get lower, to include the top of the bell tower in the snap :

Example B

Doesn’t it feel more powerful & a bit awe inspiring with the clock view?

(I wished at that moment I had my big girl camera, but again, snapshots ARE important).

My challenge to you is this.  Next time you take a photo, try changing your perspective!I’d love to hear and see what you get – email me or send me a link to your Flickr or whatever you use to share your photos!

I will follow up with more tips (and better photos!) on perspective, as I really feel this is a big part of unveiling your own creativity 🙂

I am still looking for future tips, so PLEASE leave me a comment with something you’d like to hear about!  Please? ha ha!

Have a great day~


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