Alex | Class of 2013 | Raleigh High School Senior Photography

Meet Alex.  Alex who met me with a huge smile and a firm hand shake.  He has been accepted into the physics department at  North Carolina State University.  He was also recently he was voted page of the week with the NC Legislature!   I love meeting seniors with a strong head on their shoulders, gives me so much hope for the future.

We met on the campus of NC State, walked around and photographed what inspired us.  Such an enjoyable way to shoot, I think for the client as well as for me.

Alex was completely personable and just a ton of fun to photograph.  No nerves, or at least they didn’t show!

Seriously, this was one of the first images I took …

We didn’t spend too much time at the the bell tower, because I knew I wanted to come back when the light was a little lower in the sky.

We began our walk about, and came upon this beautiful brick path.

I think walking images can show so much personality, to me this image shows strength.

More strength, and a good dose of GQ!


Alex wanted some pictures in & around the free expression tunnel.  We got a ton of great shots, but this is Mom’s favorite, as well as mine …


Photographing men can be so different than women, in my opinion.

I really enjoyed incorporating more of the edginess of the environment in Alex’s pictures, and am especially fond of this shot.

I was thrilled that the clouds stuck around for the end of the day.

And really glad that Alex brought his red NCSU shirt!


An iconic location in the background.  Mom’s idea for a pic.  I decided to slow down my shutter speed to blur out the car, and think it turned out pretty cool!


I just may have lay on my back for this shot.  But I did not alter the colors or the clouds.

Lucky to live in NC!


A few more portraits to wrap up the session.

Just couldn’t get enough of those baby blues!!!


Thank you Alex & Brenda for a truly enjoyable session & afternoon!


Portrait Photographer Raleigh NC


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