Sophie | Raleigh NC Senior Portrait Photography

Meet Sophie.  Class of 2021 superstar – adventurous, smart & a ton of fun to be around!

Sophie has been playing volleyball for 6+ years, mostly at national level, so after her pro hair & make up,  we decided to begin her session in the studio with volleyball portraits.  With my low ceilings, it really was hilarious to get the action shots lol!  And wait until you scroll to see her ‘Tyra’ volleyball portrait – awesome.

Sophie’s school did not offer the traditional black cape senior portraits, so we photographed those next.  Then it was time to head on location downtown Raleigh, and we finished up at the NC Museum of Art.

One of my favorite photo shoots, enjoy the photos!




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Currin Family | Girls Morning Out Family Portrait Session | Raleigh NC

Happy New Year!  Despite a tough year for so many of us, was one of the lucky ones to continue working (after a few months of shut down), and to meet some truly WONDERFUL clients that I now call my friends 🙂

Valerie reached out because she needed a new dynamic head shot to celebrate her recent job promotion.  During our consultation she realized it had been many years since she had professional portraits with her daughters, and decided to include them for a fun morning out of portraits & making memories!

We began Valerie’s session with beautiful head shots for her.  We continued with a light & airy look, photographing all together and some individuals.  We also celebrated her daughter’s 16th birthday with portraits!

The session ended with a stunning and classic black and white portrait series, surely to be treasured for generations to come – be sure to keep scrolling to view!



When was the last time you had professional portraits with your loved ones?  Maybe 2021 is your year 🙂

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Isabel | NC Senior Portraits Photography

Meet Isabel!  Sweet, funny and kind.

Have known Isabel for several years, photographed her sister last year, and was excited to finally get to know her better!

We had THE perfect photo shoot in Raleigh – can’t EVEN believe the flower field we photographed.  With her joy & her smile, it was the best day 🙂

We began in the studio with beautiful magazine style portraits, and then head out on several locations downtown Raleigh.

Thank you Isabel for being so fantastic to photograph, enjoyed every minute xo

Raleigh Cary NC Senior Portraits Photographer Kathy Howard Portrait







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Izzy | Raleigh Senior Portraits Photography

Meet IZZY!  Fun, musical, beautiful, adventurous and truly one of the kindest people I’ve met lately!

This senior portrait session was so much fun, still laughing thinking about this beautiful day with this amazing senior.

We began in the studio with Hollywood style portraits, and THE most amazing Hollywood waves hair style.  So perfect for Izzy, just one of her four looks we photographed that day, including a gorgeous end of day golden hour in a field.

I love to begin with magazine style portraits in the studio, before heading out downtown Raleigh and about.

Thank you Izzy for the BEST day sweet girl!



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McKayla| Senior Portrait Raleigh

Get ready for a whole lot of pretty!

Mckayla has the prettiest and warmest smile, so fun to photograph and be around.

Her session began in the studio with black drape classic senior portraits.  Mom had taken her to a local company, but was unhappy with the results.  First time I’ve photographed this style, am pleased that Mom and Mckayla love her senior drape portrait!

Then things got more fun and we played some volleyball in my studio with low ceilings – lol!  Mckayla has been playing volleyball for many years, and I’m so glad that we captured this for her senior portraits.

Then we head out on location, just a breeze to photograph her.  Mckayla & Mom, thank you for a fantastic day!





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Mayu | Raleigh Portrait Photography

Beautiful Mayu reached out to me because she wanted professional portrait studio portraits in her wedding dress, before she traveled to Japan for her wedding.

Of course was excited, I adore photographing women in beautiful gowns, especially a celebration photo shoot like this one!

We met in the studio to plan the session, and Mayu decided since her hair & make up would be on point, to wear two of my studio gowns for more portraits … it was such a fun day of dress up & beauty.  Her husband joined us later in the session for stunning couples portraits.

And you know what’s so fun?  After their session, they went out to lunch on Glenwood, Mayu in a cute white dress  – so many people honking and congratulating them on getting married!  Just love it.



xo Kathy

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Louise | Class of 2020 | Raleigh Senior Portraits Photographer

I first met and photographed Louise 2 years ago, when she came to the studio for the Project Beauty campaign.  Just one of the nicest, kindest people I’ve ever met!

Louise was back in the studio with her family (pre-pandemic) for updated family portraits celebration to include parent’s anniversary and graduations of Louise and her sister.  It was such a fun morning, adore this family that I’ve known for over 10 years.

We began with professional hair & make up for all the ladies, lots of laughter & girl talk!  We then photographed studio portraits of Louise and the family.  The first image here actually won me Bronze award with the Portrait Masters – I love it so much, and how Louise completely opened up to me & the camera.

We stepped out front of the studio for some urban setting portraits for Louise,  thankful to have so many great locations to photograph my seniors so close to the studio!

One more outfit change, and we headed back outside to finish up the session.

Congratulations on graduation Louise, I know this season of pandemic hasn’t been the easiest.  Class of 2020 will shine extra brightly!












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Volpe Family Portraits Photographer | Girls Morning Out Photo Shoot

It’s so nice to have time to blog these days, so fun to look back on these sessions that make my heart s0 happy 🙂

Lori’s awesome husband surprised her for Mother’s Day with a gift voucher for a girls morning out photo shoot!  The girls came to the studio for a morning of pampering with hair & make up, and lots of hugs and laughter.  Not only did we photograph beautiful legacy portraits of the girls, but then Dad joined in at the end for a family portrait for their holiday card.

Oh, and both of Lori’s sweet girls are ballerinas … we even managed to capture a few stunning dance portraits before ending the day.  Be sure to scroll all the way to the end of this post to view the images, soooo pretty!!!

This family unit was one of the most caring, loving and sweetest group of women I have had the pleasure of photographing.





Thank you Volpe family for an amazing day.

xo Kathy




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Amaya | Raleigh Senior Portraits

Sharing sunshine with you today this Tuesday, I think we all could use a little these days 🙂

Beautiful Amaya & her senior portraits.

This young artist has so much style, and the kindest personality – her photo shoot was one for the books!

We began in the studio with her fabulous 60’s look (LOVE) , she is stunning in this yellow dress.  We photographed two gorgeous outfits in the studio,

and then head out on location downtown Raleigh for ‘city’ vibe portraits.

OF course we had to end the day with the glowing golden hour, truly perfect.













Thank you to this beautiful family for spending the afternoon with me.




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Olivia | Raleigh NC Portrait Photography

Last photo shoot of 2019, what a way to end the year!  Olivia is not only beautiful, but incredibly kind and so fun to work with.

Olivia came to the studio to update her head shots, she is soon to be a realtor, and wanted professional yet fun photos.

Olivia also decided to celebrate herself and her birthday with fitness portraits, as she is also a cross fit instructor … keep scrolling, you don’t want to miss these portraits!

Thank you Olivia for being so great to work with 🙂







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