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I rise early to get my older two out the door by 7am, and then to my computer to start the day.  My day that is chopped into bits and pieces, as I am still committed to being all things that are a Mom (includes lots of driving!).

  I have learned to work in spurts, although I can say some days it just downright  bugs me.  What I wouldn’t give to have even just a half day of solid work time, I dream of all the check marks on my to do list!

However, I know those days are coming WAY to quickly, especially with one in high school now, with two close behind.

This morning I was sitting at my computer editing as she came down the stairs for breakfast. She states ” I feel like a goddess today. Do you have time to take my picture Mom?”

Makes me a bit sad that she has to ask, I used to be the one asking all the time. Wake up call. The new year resolution list has officially begun!

Took a few minutes to play with some textures, and I know this look isn’t for everyone but I really like it.

Our wonderful mornings alone together…



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