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It’s hard to believe sometimes how fast time flies.  An entire year ago I was commissioned to take head shots of the staff of Bloom Skin Spa. Since then I have become a patron on a regular basis, and have come to know & love this staff!

Last year I  decided that head shots do NOT need to be blah & boring, and we had a total blast making each other laugh and shine with true smiles!  You may remember THIS POST  with their gorgeous pics.

Here we are, one year later, and this year we decided to glam up the head shots a bit.  I had my favorite hair & make-up artist Elaine (see her website here) join us as well as her assistant Adrian.

The staff was treated to some pampering and I think enjoyed it a whole lot!

What they may not have enjoyed so much was the fact that I asked them to step outside for their portraits.  Originally I had planned to be inside in a well window lit  room, but it was a cloudy, rainy and chilly day.  I do know how to use my flash, but I really wanted the softness of the natural light.

Here is a back shot of the partial set (we are under an overhang to stay dry!):


I promise you head shots with me is not boring, it is an experience and I take great pride in capturing you as beautiful as you are.

I spent  about 5-10 minute photographing each staff member, and here are some of my favorite images …


Love these two with a black and white film effect


The owner and I decided we would take a good hour of this day to take some beautiful & glamorous portraits of her.

These will be presented in their own blog post, but here’s a teaser for you.



Did you know that every beauty & boudoir session booked with Kathy Howard Photography receives a gift card for an amazing organic facial at Bloom Skin Spa!  You will not only love the facial, but the staff is extraordinary.


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