The Making of Snow Goddess | Raleigh Portrait Photography

This was such a fun project with my daughter.

Here’s a little behind the scenes.

The day before the snow fell, we went for a walk in the woods.

We gathered our head piece materials & made sure the stump I knew of was still there = location!

We trimmed, we snipped, and were excited about all of the beautiful goodies we found in our field


(not shown – six golf balls and a dog toy!)

IMG_5820The we took some floral wire and tape, and made a ‘halo’ form to fit her head.  We used several layers so that we could ‘weave’ our nature items into it.

We also used a hot glue gun as needed.


It snowed that night, and the next day we headed out to the back field for photos.  It was c- o- l- d outside, but she didn’t care.

I am lucky she still likes to do these things with me 🙂

Growing up fast, wearing my warmest wool coat.

It’s a vintage Raleigh made wool coat circa 1960’s, give to me by my mother-in-law and VERY loved!


Did photograph her in the coat, but it distracts from the headpiece and the vision of this image.

Big sis was my assistant – most of the time holding the reflector, and a little bit of flash…

Here she is getting warmed up lol! (she’s not blind thank goodness)


Ten years old … wearing MY blouse, knit tights & boots!



I posted more images in previous blog post HERE.


Up next I will continue to ‘catch up’ blogging with more winter sessions!

Have a great day.


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