Tuesday Photo Tip | Confetti Fun!

Last week was my oldest daughter’s 14th birthday.  She requested a photo shoot weekend, and of course I obliged!

One of the fun shots she wanted was blowing confetti.  We decided to make it a fun and colorful birthday pic, so I visited the local fabric shop and picked up one yard of fabric for the backdrop.  I seriously don’t understand why people spend hundreds of dollars on backdrops, when you can spend $7 on a yard of fabric!

Next was to find confetti.  I wasn’t sure what would work best, so I purchased several different types.  Used in this photo is THIS paper confetti I purchased on Etsy.  Awesome stuff.  Second favorite that floated and sparkled beautifully was a shaker of gold confetti flakes that I purchased at Michael’s.  I cannot find the link online, but if you shop for some it looks like gold flakes in an ice cream sprinkle container.

Now, for the set-up.  My favorite location – the front porch.  The perfect light.  Click HERE to see my previous “Simple Lighting Technique’ tutorials about using a covered location for beautiful lighting.

Our first two attempts I noticed she was closing her eyes when blowing.

ISO 640   f/2.8   1/320th

Not really the shot either of us wanted.  We also wanted more confetti around her head.

So I got my youngest to stand on the stepping stool and drop confetti one count before she started blowing.

“Keep your eyes open” I yelled!

We got this …

She still kind of looks likes she struggling with the eyes, but it also looks happy to me so it’s a keeper!

(You don’t get too many attempts with a teenager I tell you)

I edited the photo by softening the background with radial blur, clone stamping a few confetti spots to fill in the blanks, slight brighten and contrast increase and cropped it square (it’s for her instagram afterall)

Happy 14th birthday to my sweet girl!!!

Any questions, you can leave in the comments.

Any questions for next week, please leave in comments… please?  I need some ideas lol!

Have a great day~


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