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You may remember Angela from her gorgeous boudoir session (HERE).   As if she wasn’t in great enough shape, she decided to tackle a three month cross fit program to take her fitness and figure to the next level!

I met with her in her home to start her session.  I brought my studio lighting gear, and we captured some of her awesomeness.

Lucky for me she had an assistant on hand …  the cutest most energetic assistant I have ever had!

He helped me smooth my gray paper on the floor…

Now that’s a true set of baby blues…


Gorgeous fit momma …

Hard work pays off!

My assistant was busy supervising the shoot, but then decided he wanted to be a part of the action.

 I’m SO glad he did!


We finished the fitness pictures,  jumped in the car and headed to a local park to play & capture some fun images!

Thank you Angela for another great session & for sharing your amazing little man with me!



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